Monday, August 4, 2008

What's in a name?

I don't know that this baby is ever going to have a name. Matt's not really talking about it at all except to shoot down my ideas. *sigh*

Male Choice:
Rhys Alexander
Pronounced like Reese, it means "ardent defender of mankind." Mankind can use a few more of those. But there are two problems, both of which mean I can't use it, as much as I love it.
#1. My sister-in-law Amber has laid prior claim. Of course, I didn't know that when I fell in love with this name. But I just can't do that. "ha ha, I'm pregnant, so I'm stealing your name!" I'm not that terrible of a person.
#2. Matt doesn't like it. I run into this one a lot.

Female Choice:
Ginevra Layne
It means "fair one from the meadow." Yes, I got it from Harry Potter. Yes, I'd want to call her Ginny. Adrienne thinks the Harry Potter connection would get her made fun of. I think that only really hardcore Harry Potter fans realize that Ginny Weasley's name is really Ginevra anyway. (yep, that tells you something about me.) Matt hasn't actually given me a response to this one, as I mentioned it over IM and I keep forgetting to bring it up when we're on the phone.

So, especially since I think this little one is a boy (more about that in a second), we're back to the drawing board. I need to find something I think is as perfect as Rhys Alexander, so I can actually lay it to rest. Any suggestions would be WONDERFUL!

Why do I think it's a boy? Well, I suddenly stopped throwing up last Thursday. I feel great. I haven't had to take nausea medication or anything. It's wonderful. It actually really freaked me out at first (since I suddenly stopped feeling pregnant) but now I'm starting to enjoy myself, since I've had no definite signs of a problem. Yay! I CAN be pregnant and not throw up! It IS possible!

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Amber Donaldson said...

I'm thinking you should consult the family tree again, isn't that where you got the other names? They were family names? Just thinking that's what made you happy in the past. And that's WAY exciting that you're over the sick part of the pregnancy and you can enjoy it!