Friday, August 15, 2008

Personal health update.

So, I've been having this rather annoying ache in my side (on the right side, right at my last rib) for a while now. Lately, it's been getting a bit more painful.

So, I went to my Dr's appointment today. Baby is perfect. Dr. Barton couldn't find the heartbeat right off (it's still a little bit early for that...I knew that but I couldn't help but worry anyway. Last time he couldn't find it, the result wasn't good), but then moved me into the ultrasound room to "take a quick peek," and Reeses little heart was beating away. He wasn't moving much, kind of sleepily, but the heartbeat made me happy.

So I mentioned my sideache to the doctor. And he is sending me to have an ultrasound done to look at my gallbladder on Tuesday morning at 10. *sigh*

So add to the frustration, medicaid *misplaced* my application. I was supposed to get a call back this afternoon, but that didn't happen. So as for now, I'm getting my gallbladder ultrasound-ed and I have no health insurance. >_<

So any prayers and/or positive thoughts you have for me would be so appreciated.


Jessica said...

Wow, we are close together! I'm glad things look good with the baby!
I hope it's just a side ache. I've had gall bladder problems, no fun. I don't have one anymore.

Aubri said...

Here's another "hope it's just a side ache" thought to ya. You're too pretty and wonderful for problems. Those icky problems should just look at you and go, "man... she's intimidatingly awesome... I need to leave her alone... call in some happiness, it's what she deserves."

Sabe and Adi said...

Medicaid should go back 3 months from the date you applied... I'd hurry and get another application in. Hopefully it's nothing!