Monday, August 11, 2008

Two posts in one.

Okay, so I'm going to get the boring part overwith

I'm 11 weeks pregnant today (going off the dates from the ultrasound). That's just crazy to me. 11 whole weeks. Of course, the 40 weeks of the pregnancy starts from the first day of the last menstrual period, which means that you're not even pregnant for the first two weeks of your pregnancy. AND THEN it takes another two weeks after ovulation/conception to confirm the pregnancy, so by the time you even find out, you're 4 weeks pregnant. One whole month. So in the end, I've only known about Reeses for the last 7 weeks.

But STILL!! Is this one going by faster to anyone else?? Is it because I'm chasing around a 14 month old?

So here's a picture of pregnant me. I didn't look this pregnant with either of the girls until closer to 20 weeks, by the way.

So, the part that people care about: Erin cuteness. lol. We had fun this morning. She was curious about my lip gloss, so I put some on her:

And then we went to the park for our playdate with Aubrey and Myla

And Erin decided to go for a walk!

She got from me to the tree before it occurred to me that I should video her! =├× Oh well, you can see how well she was doing anyway.


sweetpea#1 said...

You know what is funny, everyone has figured me out pregnancy wise something like TWO WEEKS AGO! I was only 11 weeks then. So we can be in the "we show super duper early club" lol. You look great though!

Sabe and Adi said...

gahhhhh everything I just wrote got deleted! boooooo

Anyways, what I said was,

Wow you look like you feel great! You look like ur actually kind of enjoying urself. and you TOTALLY look like I did with m at 11 weeks! I tried to show you a picture but photobucket wouldn't let me. So yeah, I'll say it again, it's TOTALLY a boy :)

and Erin is doing so well with walking! I love how she turns around to make sure you're watching her.

I'm jealous that she waited until now to start walking. M is starting to run. I'll have to get a video because it's HILARIOUS.

Jessica said...

You don't look big at all!
My belly has been spring-loaded this time. I'm only 12 weeks, but I look like I'm 6 months!