Sunday, August 24, 2008

Big-girl pajamas

I'm really trying not to make this another "my baby is growing up so fast!" post, but it's probably going to end up as one. lol. It's been cooling down a lot lately, and it has been getting kind of cold at night. Up until now, Erin has pretty much just been wearing her diaper to bed, sometimes a onesie. But, it's too cold even for that in the mornings (Friday morning at 9:30am it was 48*). So, I decided that she needed some new pajamas (she'd grown out of all her others). She wears 18-month pants now, so I went looking for 18-month jammies. All they had was the shirt-and-pants kind. No footed ones. So...I broke down and got her some big-girl jammes. They're really cute! But she hates the long

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Sabe and Adi said...

You bought those at walmart huh. We bought Marcus the exact same kind with footballs and it's blue. He hates the long sleeves too! How funny is that?