Sunday, August 10, 2008


So, Matt and I have this thing with ninjas. They're just cool. One of our favorite animes is about ninjas.

We're thinking about dressing up as ninjas for Halloween (I think Erin would make a great one)

Speaking of dressing up as a ninja, here is a news article about a NJ school that got shut down because a ninja was sighted in the forest outside the grounds. LOL

One of my favorite websites is

And Matt gave me this link to a video spoofing the aforementioned website:

Ask a Mormon Ninja

My dad found it "mildly amusing," but I was seriously cracking up the whole time.

So, I'm playing around this morning, trying to wake up, wasting time taking quizzes on I found the band name generator. And this is what it gave me

Your Band Name is:

The Supersized Ninjas

It just made me laugh.

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Sabe and Adi said...

the name of my band was the iraqi twins... o_O

Since when are my boobs from iraq?