Thursday, August 7, 2008

How's this for a name?


Apparently, it's an Irish name. Here I was thinking it would just be a Book of Mormon thing. Matt says it might be a little bit weird since it's kind of close to Erin (both have similar initial sounds, and the same ending. The only difference is the middle consonant)

Saying them together is interesting Erin and Ammon. Erinanammon

And then there's the fact that one of BoM Ammon's brothers was Aaron. I suppose that it's okay to have both Erin and Ammon as long as I don't continue to finish it off with Omner and Himni. (I don't want them to get strange looks all their lives since we probably WON'T be living in Utah)

BUT, he's allowed me to "put it on the list." lol. So now I have a list started at least.

Heh, and if we DID end up naming him Ammon, at least he'd love to read those chapters in Alma. Would I have a little 5 year old boy trying to cut people's arms off?


Anonymous said...

Yes. Because he would be a 5 year old boy... and cutting arms off is COOL!

Kim said...

I'm embarrassed to be putting down claim on a baby name considering my aversion to reproduction, but I told Matt there's only one family name I'm partial to so he said I should lay claim on the blog. Here goes: Mette/a. It was our mom's grandma's middle name and I like it because it's both used in Germany & Denmark and I think it's nice. And if I ever were to have a female baby I would consider naming it Mette Darlene (mine and my mom's middle name) blah blah blah (I'm not even going to bother contemplating the issues with last names at this point :-). Of course, since there usually tends to be a man involved in this process he would, theoretically, have equal input, so who knows.

I'm uncomfortable with the naming of non-existing babies, but in an attempt to use foresight I'm going out on a limb :-)