Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday Morning

So, we don't have church until 1:30pm. Which means our Sunday mornings are pretty lazy. And what is a better activity on a lazy Sunday morning, than taking pictures?

So here are Erin's new jammies:

And Daddy got a new keyboard, so the old one is now Erin's.

And she likes playing Wii with Daddy too.

And, just because it's funny:

I've been trying to teach Erin not to turn the TV on and off. So today she walked up to the TV, turned it on, looked at me and shook her head No!, and then turned it off. >_<

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Angie said...

It's hilarious that Erin loves the keyboard. I think Gracie would flip if we let her have one. We have an old one in the basement, but I don't know if Jeff would let her have it. She just loves stuff like that though.

Gracie shook her head no a while back, several times, and we both cracked up, it was adorable! Frustrating, but adorable