Monday, September 22, 2008


Adrienne asked me to take some pictures of Erin in the bath, so we had fun this evening. I should have taken a before picture (spaghetti for dinner) but I didn't think about it until she was already clean. lol.


Dragonfly Girl said...

OH Just to Cute!!!!

sweetpea#1 said...

You know, my happiest looking pictures of the girls are of them during bath time too. It is just so wonderful to be naked and splash and be little. LOL. Hope you are feeling great or at least better, Nae

Amber Hill said...

These photos are awewsome. What a cutie! I would frame each one and put them up in her room. At least until she is old enough to say "Momma please take those down" or "Uncle Jared is da bomb" followed of course by a "thank you!"

I hope we see your baby einstein soon!