Saturday, September 20, 2008

Erin's vocabulary

After several recent conversations (including at Erin's doctor's appointment) in which I was asked how many words Erin has, and I couldn't answer, I decided that I should compile a list, so I can know the answer. She rarely will say a word on command, but she does say them often. She's got definite words, and some "maybe" words that she's only said once or twice, or doesn't seem to have a definite meaning for yet.

1. Mama (or Mommy or Mom) This was her first word. It was her first real syllable, and every time she said it I answered her, so she soon caught on.

2. Dada (or Daddy) Matt got jealous that she would say Mama, so he started doing the same thing when she said Dada.

3. Kitty (she says "geeyee") This was her first non-name word. We were in Vegas, and she really liked Max. After a couple days, she started saying it whenever she saw him. Of course, she thinks that birds and dogs are kitties too.

4. Please (she says "glee") She never says this when she wants some of your food and you tell her "say please." But when she wants something out of reach, she'll look at you and say "Glee?" and when you tell her "no" she'll scowl and say "GLEE!"

5. Yay She really likes this one. Especially when she's been trying to do something and she finally accomplishes it. We tell her "good job Erin!" and she claps her hands and says "Yay!"

6. Wee She loves this word. (if it's really a word) She loves doing anything that makes "wee" appropriate. Sometimes it becomes a demand, when she wants to be picked up and twirled around for instance. She'll come up to you and say "Wee!"

7. Fish (she says ich! [like the German word]) She started using this one on Thursday, at the Geology Dept. Museum in front of the aquarium. I got it on video

And then she's got some "almost" words.

8. "Booyoo" I'm not sure what it's supposed to be. She says it when she's holding a ball, or a balloon. And sometimes when she sees birds.

9. Shoe (she said "dzhoo!") She said this once. She picked up her shoe, she looked directly at me, and said "Dzhoo!!" She hasn't said it since.

10. This morning we were looking at the bucket of jade-y rocks that we brought back from Bitch Creek. She was playing with them and I was telling her about the rocks. Several times she said "Boch!" (again with the German ch, at the back of the throat). So, maybe.


Dragonfly Girl said...

Oh my Goodness she is getting so big..She is so SMART!

Jared Hill said...

Now that she's getting so verbal, I expect to here her say "uncle Jared is the greatest" next time I see her. I will also settle for "uncle Jared is da bomb".

Keep up the good work! She's cute and smart.

Amber Hill said...

I am so happy my little niece loves kitty cats!! You know I do! Well Ok she must have got it from you, me and grandma Jan! Max is a funny "geeyee". I think Erin is trying to tell you she needs a little friend for herself "YAY"!!