Monday, September 29, 2008

Erin's new favorite book.

Okay, before I start in on the Erin cuteness, I just want to say: DON'T buy chocolates made in China!! Okay, so maybe my Dad is right and we should just boycott everything Chinese-made altogether. Anyway, here's why I say that,2933,429466,00.html Cadbury found melamine in it's Chinese-made chocolates, and there have also been reports of tainted Oreos, M&Ms and Snickers. Of course, most of this is shipped to Taiwan and Australia instead of the US, but I thought I'd just tell everyone what I've found.

Okay, so we just recently got a box from Grandma Cannady (thank you!!). Along with a few other fun things, Erin got the book "First 100 Animals."

She loves this book. Several times a day she will bring it to me and just sit there with me looking at the animals. On a good day, she'll point to the ones you ask her to (kitty, dog, fish, bear, sometimes bird. We're working on "cow," "pig," and "bee" as well), and she'll name them sometimes too (mostly kitties, but also bears and the random dog).

Of course, I had to take video.

And here's a picture just because I thought it was cute

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Anonymous said...

I like that last photo. Precious.