Thursday, September 11, 2008

Seven years ago today

I woke up late that morning. I jumped in the shower and got to the Smith building as fast as I could. It turns out that my Russian teacher was running late too, so most of my classmates were gathered outside the classroom door, waiting for it to be unlocked.

It took me a few seconds to understand what the conversation buzz was. And then I had to say " airplane did what?"

In low voices they explained it to me.

A roommate and I stopped by a friend's apartment so we could watch the live news coverage, since our stupid landlords hadn't gotten our cable (or internet OR phones!!) hooked up yet. We saw the second tower fall. I'll never ever forget that.

Later that day the managers to our apartments set up a free long distance phone line so that we could call our families. When it was finally my turn, my hands were shaking almost too bad to dial the number and I was in tears before Dad even answered. The conversation was really short.

"Hi Dad"
"Nano's okay"
"Oh good."
"Are you okay?"
"Okay as I can be."
"Oh good."
"Well, there's a line, so I'd better go."
"Okay, love you bye."

The girl behind me was from New York. She was VERY stressed out and very glad I'd kept it really short.

Later, in newspapers and in the news they said that 9/11 would be to my generation like Pearl Harbor was to that one. We would always remember where we were and what we were doing.

I still get chills on this day. I still say and quick prayer for all the families affected. I still say a prayer for our nation.

I will never forget.

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Dragonfly Girl said...

I came in just to see the second tower fall too!! so crazy to think it was 7 years ago and I still remember it like I woke up yesterday it was crazy! prayers, Gratitude and love to those still out there fighting for our freedom!