Sunday, September 21, 2008

a couple more

So, yeah, it figures that I would catalog all of Erin's words and she'd immediately throw out a couple more. =Þ

So yesterday Nyssa came over. We were watching a movie and eating chips and salsa. Well, Nyssa gave Erin something, probably a piece of a chip, and Erin replied "Angoo!" I've never tried to get her to say thank you before. I've been working predominantly on please. But I guess saying thank you to her every time she does something I ask her to do or when she brings me something paid off.

The next one I got on video

So I'd put on Milo and Otis so she could watch it, but didn't bother switching the sound over. And she surprised me with her answer to my question "what's on the TV?" I guess I shouldn't be surprised. One of her favorite stuffed animals is a bear.

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