Thursday, June 4, 2009

Watching the storm

So, it's been raining every afternoon/evening for the last week or so. Nice big storms with thunder and lightning. So Matt decided to sit and watch the weather with Erin. She would gasp excitedly every time it thunderedSo then she got upset because she was wet. Truth was, I'd had a brainless day, and hadn't changed her diaper since we were in church that morning, and it was after 6pm. Yeah...bad mom moment! >_<
And she decided she didn't like that idea.

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Kari said...

Such cute kids! They're growing up so fast! I see the bed for Erin has no rails and think you're crazy, then I remember most kids don't sleep like Braden. His rails barely hold him in. He has fallen out of other beds before. :P I love the pictures!