Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Long Morning Walks

So, the babies and I took a long morning walk yesterday.

Erin loved pushing Bee around in her new stroller.

Patrick got to ride around in the umbrella stroller. I am SO happy he fits in it now, it's so much lighter.We stopped by the play ground and I finally got shots of Patrick's new trick!And his hands again
We went past the office, and Erin insisted we go in and get a cookie
And then went back to the playground because Erin wanted to eat her cookie and play with the gravelAnd practice jumping


Adi said...

wow p-man i'm impressed! you've totally got a marcus on your hands i hope you realize that

HRHSpence said...

Patrick is doing very well! and it looks like grandma is going to have to make some longer pants for Erin!

Aubri said...

She is SO her daddy's girl... playing with rocks. I love it!

quilting queen said...

When dad saw the pics of Erin he told me I needed to sew her some clothes to take with us. When I asked him why, he said Erin's pants are getting too short. I had to laugh and informed him they are supposed to be that length. Patrick is growing up so fast and I am missing all of it

Erica said...

I love these pictures, they are too cute!! I laughed at the baby stroller. Normally if Braylynne brings along a stroller... after about a mile, she asks me to push it! (though we haven't gone walking much this year because I can't push it for her! haha)