Thursday, June 4, 2009

Stuffies from Kokipy

Kokipy is not her real name. She is an online acquaintance, whom I've "known" for quite a long time, whom my father "knows" and who has declared herself my children's "online adoptive grandmother." How could I argue? lol

She sent Patrick this bear......and Erin this bunny (when she was born, not both at the same time). She calls it a "Bee" Sometimes it makes it to "Bee-yee" but usually not. He is her favorite. He comes with us everywhere we go. Right now he has on him barbecue sauce, spaghetti sauce and chocolate milk. I haven't found a good time to steal him to throw him in the wash >_<
So thank you Kokipy!

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Adi said...

Man those pics of P-man... he looks so much like marcus at that age except chubbier! and that's such a sweet pic of erin. awwww