Thursday, June 4, 2009

Erin's "big girl" bed

So, Matt and I decided to get Erin a new bed for her birthday. Mostly, on my part, it was so I can put Patrick in the crib. But Erin loves it.

She was really excited to try it out, even though she doesn't look it...lolAnd then today I was rearranging the room, making the crib into a crib again, going through drawers taking out clothes that are too small...and Erin was sharing her stuffies.And making a general messAnd Patrick is now taking a nap in the crib. I think I'll keep him with me in the room a few more nights at night, but I'll put him in the crib for naps.

I have to say, putting the crib back together was a bit more emotional than I was expecting it to be. I was expecting an "oh, my babies are growing up too fast" emotion. But instead, I was thinking about the day I put the crib together for the first time. I was 30something weeks pregnant with Cora, and I was so very excited. And then I remembered going back into that room the night after she was born, standing in the doorway and staring at the empty crib. I wasn't expecting that.

I'm so glad I've had two babies use it since then.


Nyssa said...

her covers are almost eexactly like mine!

Adi said...

i was just thinking that nyssa, lol.

I want to use my crib for the same thing, naps! I didn't use the crib for a long time with marcus. I'd just hold him for his naps. Yeah... not gonna happen this time. Jamie's naps are going to be M's mommy time, guarantee it!