Monday, June 8, 2009

Presents and cake

We had our friends Dave and Danica, and their kids Jensen and Lily over for birthday dinner for Erin. After dinner we opened presents.

They got her a play stroller that is convertible and blows the one she got for Easter out of the water. She LOVES it!

We got her something to open too, a couple of matchbox cars.

She got sent this pretty little pony from our friends in Rexburg, Aubrey and David, and their girls Myla and Savannah
And then it was cake and ice cream. I was expecting it to be SO much cuter, but the frosting was a disaster (stupid kit). It's not as terrible as I initially thought, but still not what I wanted it to be.She was a lot neater about eating it this year!


Anonymous said...

I love her cake!! :-)

Also, I loved your comment on my blog... I knew you'd like Jacob's transformation.

HRHSpence said...

so much cleaner than last year! But, still the And'orian hairdoo!