Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Our day

((I'm going to be updating this post throughout the day as we do things))

6:30ish Matt wakes me up as he leaves for work. I get up, and update myself on facebook/twitter while nursing Patrick.

7ish Put Patrick in his swing while I start workout. Mentally kick myself for all the junk I ate yesterday.

7:20 Erin gets up

7:45 Workout done. I worked off most of what I gained from all the junk yesterday. No more chocolate cake for me.

7:50 Start a movie for Erin (Leapfrog Letter Factory), and run to take a shower because Patrick is starting to fuss in his swing.

7:51 Dig through my drawer to try to find my Pink Floyd tshirt. Settle for my blue koi one instead. Go looking for my other pair of jeans (as Erin got pizza sauce all over the pair I wore yesterday).

8ish Finally in the shower. Hot showers are so nice after a workout. It would be nicer, though, if Patrick weren't crying. I feel like a bad mom.

8:20 Clean, dressed! Pick Patrick up and start checking justmommies while Erin's movie finishes.

8:40 Movie is done, babies are ready for breakfast! Put Patrick in his highchair with toys so I can prepare things. Erin decides to sit in her chair and play with him. (and found the container of goldfish I keep in the diaper bag)8:45 Washed out the big pitcher and made some apple juice to mix with Patrick's oatmeal this morning.

8:55 Yogurt for me and Erin, and apple juice cereal for Patrick (which he loves). Realized I forgot to get myself a spoon.

9:17 Erin announces "Ah' done! I det dowNUH!" So I wipe her off, get her down, and snag her spoon to eat my own yogurt.

9:30 Patrick has lost most of his interest in the cereal, so I relocate to the computer to start this blog post and finish my yogurt.

9:40 Patrick has passed out.

9:45 I'm all done with posting about the morning, and hit "publish post," then puts Patrick in the swing.

10:00 Looking around on my dental insurance website to make sure a) that I'm still covered though my name isn't on the card, and b) that the dentist referral I got is a dentist my insurance will cover, all BEFORE I try to call and schedule an appointment.

10:15 Everything checks out...I finally get the courage to call and the office isn't open yet!!! I hate making this kind of call and I've got to do it again! *cry* They open at noon.

10:25 Making phone calls about Zac's shot he has to get. Gotta call dad...

10:46 Just got off the phone with mom. Have to wrap Myla's present, and get the babies dressed so we can go to the post office and then the bank.

11:02 Erin is dressed and throwing a tantrum on the floor. Need shoes for myself and then Patrick in his seat and we're good to go!11:20 Erin waits at the door saying "uh'mon! uh'mon!"11:25 Everyone's finally out the door and in the car!11:30 Into the post office

11:40 Out of the post office. Aunt Adrienne's box and Myla's present are no longer in my hands!

11:47 Sitting in bank drive through.11:57 Pass Thunder Ridge High School and suddenly realize I missed my turn. I think I'm lost until I realize the next cross street is Highlands Ranch Pkwy and I've gone most of the way to Dave and Danica's house.

12:11 Merge onto the freeway to get home

12:17 Exit freeway, catch sight of the sunlight on my wedding ring and grin. Can't help but wonder if any other not-newlywed women out there still get giddy of their sparkly ring.

12:23 Arrive home and put some chicken nuggets in for Erin.

12:24 Open the package to Patrick from Audrei. It's the blanket she made. Erin exclaims "Iss toot!!" It's true. It's very cute.

12:25 Sit at the computer to update blog while nursing Patrick.

12:35 Timer goes off, Erin exlaims "Di'din done!" I put Patrick down, making him angry because he wasn't done.

12:38 At the computer with Patrick again.

12:44 Patrick's done, which means that I can go make myself lunch. PB&J, with creamy peanut butter. Less to chew.

12:50 Erin proclaims "All done!" and starts tugging at her bib "off! off!" She then requests that I start Bolt.

1:30 Called the dentist. Thurs. morning at 8:30. Ack.

2:10 Bolt is over, Erin's in bed (I admit that I skipped the movie forward a bit).

2:15 Patrick is asleep in his swing too....I should totally take a nap as well, but...I'm going to watch Last of the Mohicans.

2:27 A good friend (and another angel mommy) that I had lost touch with just friend requested me...and TOTALLY made my day!

2:49 Decided to risk putting Patrick in the crib (hopefully he'll sleep through the move) and then lay on the couch to watch the movie...and maybe sleep.

2:53 Patrick woke up before I even touched him. As if the THOUGHT woke him up. Maybe I'll just snuggle on the couch with him.

3:18 He passed out once his tummy was full again, so now he's in the crib. I'm headed back to the couch though.

3:42 I lied. I'm still on the computer.

4:13 Movie's over. What to watch now? It's too late to try and take a nap, missed my opportunity. *sigh*

4:45 Erin's awake

5:24 Patrick is waking up and I have to start dinner.

5:40 Erin announces "I wet!" Sure enough, I'd forgotten to change her diaper before her nap, so now she's soaked through. I bring the laptop into the kitchen so I can multi-task. Patrick sits in his carseat and plays with his toys where he can see me. Erin's watching Kung Fu Panda and is still laying on the floor pantsless (though now with a dry diaper)
5:58 Patrick is letting the world know he doesn't like his seat anymore.

6:23 Matt's home, Patrick's fed, and water is finally boiling!

6:53 Dinner is finally ready!

7:30 Went to the library to pick up a few hold items. Then to target to look for a blender.

9ish Got home, Matt read Everybody Poops to Erin and then into jammies and bed.

9:10 Fed Patrick

10 Waiting for Patrick to fall asleep so that I can sleep!

10:41 Patrick's asleep on my chest. I really hope I can transfer him to his crib without him waking up!

10:44 Transfer successful! Off to brush teeth and bed!


Penelope said...

Love the peek into your life! Thanks :)

Audrei said...

Yay! You got the blanket! I saw the little jungle animals, and I thought of how much Erin loved Madagascar. Then I figured, "hey, if Patrick doesn't like it (because little babies have an opinion... :o), then Erin will love it!"