Saturday, March 14, 2009

Updates and such

So, Erin and I both got blessings yesterday. It didn't turn out to be one of those "lept from the bed and walked" sort of things, but we're both feeling a bit better today. Sort of. My throat hurts from post-nasal drip, but that's a GOOD thing. My sinuses no longer feel like they're going to crack my skull.

Erin...well...she still looks and sounds terrible, but she ACTS like she feels better. She completely lost her voice this morning, but she got it back after she took a shower with me. She has this hoarse little wail of a cry that sounds like the baby T-rex on Jurassic Park 2, but she's also up, running around, and getting into everything she knows she shouldn't.

My friend Aubri said "it comes in 3s" and I realized that it already has. On Thursday Matt came home from work early with a fever and a horrid headache. He was fine by Friday morning, of course.

edited to add: I missed the actual call, but I got a message from our doctor on Patrick's last blood draw yesterday. She couldn't give me exact details, but she said that his number is definitely coming down and "looks great." Woohoo!

Anyway, recently I decided to buy some live plants for my aquarium. We got 9 plants for a little less than $20, and I was SO excited. But my big black Jack Dempsey isn't so thrilled. He dislikes my favorite one.
Here's before:

And after. My favorite is the one in the front right-hand corner. If you notice, there are parts of it floating at the top already. As of right's all at the top again. I need to find yet another place to plant it and see if Jack likes it there. I think he just has something against that particular plant though ((now that I think about it, I think he likes uprooting it because the smaller Dempsey likes to hide in it... but it's not going to survive uprooted!!))

And my big Jack Dempsy. The picture doesn't do him justice. He's got these beautiful turquoise scales...


Jared Hill said...

I'm glad to here that you and the crew are feeling better. It's too bad that the plant might not make it.

Anonymous said...

Glad you're all feeling better! Your Jack Dempsey is pretty...

Dragonfly Girl said...

wow I am away for like 5 days and I miss so much I am sorry you have been sick and Erin too! hope you get better (100%) very soon! love you!