Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St. Patrick's Day

So, yesterday we went over to our friends' house for dinner. I took Irish stew and soda bread. I'm actually really glad we did, because Danica wasn't feeling very good (she's recently pregnant), and hadn't eaten anything all day. But she said the stew looked really good and ate a whole bowl. YAY!

So then we just hung out for a while. These pictures of Erin define my entire day yesterday.

And this is the first picture we have of Matt holding Patrick (he's held him quite a bit before, I just haven't take a picture. BAD me!). But Patrick is a apparently a Mama's boy (or at least he knows that Daddy isn't where the food is!)

And Patrick post-dinner. I wanted to get a good shot of his bib. This is the best I could do. lol He was practicing his jig.


Adi said...

It's a good thing erin's a daddy's girl cuz I bet you anything P-man will be the biggest mama's boy lol

HRHSpence said...

I can relate to those pix of erin! and it looks like you had a great Paddy's day!

Jared Hill said...

I think Erin inspired me. From now on I am going to take a nap where ever I am. Hopefully I'm not driving at the time.