Monday, March 9, 2009

Mini Patrick update

So I needed to take him in again this morning, mostly just for Dr. McKitterick to check up on his jaundice. He gained an ounce since Friday! Woohoo! So now we're up to 7lbs13oz. She also was very pleased at how well he's "pinking up." It made me feel good because I wasn't sure if he really was losing the yellow or if I was just hallucinating. She said that I'm not imagining it, he really does look better.

So we got his blood drawn again, but I haven't heard back yet about the actual number. Dr. McKitterick said that she'll definitely want to see him towards the end of this week for another blood draw regardless, but she's confident that will be the last one.

So yay! Hopefully I'll soon have a normal pink baby!

edited to add: I just got a call. His number is 13.6! YAY! So she doesn't want to see me again, she'll just fax the order for the blood draw to the lab for Friday. WOOHOO!


HRHSpence said...

I am so glad to hear he's doing better. Jaundice is not a fun thing to have to deal with.

Norina said...

Brittanie- I hope you don't mind I came here, I saw your link on Astrid's blog and I remember you so fondly from JM that I just had to take a look at yoru beautiful family! Congratulations on Patrick's recent arrival. I'm glad to hear he's pinking up, my Zech was jaundice to for so long, it's just never fun to have something to be concerned about. I'd like to visit from time to time here if that's ok with you? (((hugs))) Norina

Kimberly said...

Hopefully he won't be yellow by the time I get there or else I'll have to wear yellow shaded glasses the entire to offset!

I've been looking up exciting things to do in Denver, I actually love things like Children's museum and story time at the library, but every time I try to go they kick me out because I don't have a kid! Reproductionist jerks! Therefore I will have to borrow your offspring so that I can have someone read me my favorite book. We can talk more about this later, of course, but I'm really looking forward to seeing you guys soon!!