Wednesday, March 11, 2009


First of all, Matt posted this link on his Twitter, and it really got me thinking. It actually kind of scared me with all this "stimulus" going on, and wondering "Where is all this money coming from??"

What does 1 Trillion Dollars look like?

And secondly, I got tagged to do a Music of your Life meme. I'm not going to tag anyone else, you can do it if you want to. I'm only doing it because I love Aubri so much.

Pick one album you remember the most about every 5 years of your life and tell us why its important to you.

5. Not really an album in particular, but the songs from Mary Poppins. In Kindergarten we did a little program and we sang "I Love to Laugh" and "Let's Go Fly A Kite." The sad thing is, I hadn't ever seen Mary Poppins at that point, so I had no clue they were from a movie. There was also a song we sang in Kindergarten about spelling hippopotamus, and all I remember is the chorus "H-I-P-P-O I know, and then comes P-O-T. But that's as far as I can go, and that's what bothering me!"

10. I wasn't really all that musically aware when I was 10. Let's see, in 1993 we were living in Cedar City...honestly I don't remember what music was important to me. Probably Weird Al, because that's what my brothers listened to, lol.

15. This was totally my "boy band" era. Backstreet Boys and N'Sync. "Backstreet's Back" came out in 1998. Sad part? I still listen to them, and I have bought both of the cds they've come out with since I got married. =├×

20. My freshman year at BYU-I, and I'd have to say that the music I listened to most was Linkin Park, and the soundtrack to Moulin Rouge. And it's all LaNae's fault. lol

25. I'm 25 now. For another 10 days anyway. I have to say this last couple of years, my main music has been songs that remind me of my children. I have a LOT of "Cora songs," and they still randomly jump out at me. But mostly I listen to (though the seed songs to most of my channels are Cora songs, I like a lot of other music too). My quick mix consists of my stations based on Josh Groban, Diamond Rio's "I Believe," Avril Lavigne's "Slipped Away," the Goo Goo Dolls, and MercyMe. (gotta through a little Christian Rock in there...)

And a couple pictures!

These are from Sunday. I love Patrick's little outfit!

He's getting so good at holding his own head up. It's only for a couple seconds before he flops over again, but he pushes himself up.

And what Erin is doing right now. Our schedule for the day is totally going to be screwed up.

And a video, because I love watching newborns play with their face muscles!

Okay, I totally have to edit and add: I just saw a banner advertisement for the Lamb of God on photobucket!!! How cool is that!?


Aubri said...

Awwwwww! He's so cute :-) Both your kids are! And thanks for doing my tag!

I will accept my award. I logged on last night to post it... and I lost my train of thought. I was like... it was a Meme kind of thing... what was it I was going to do??? And so I found a Meme online and figured the one I lost would come back to me... it did :-) Thanks for reminding me. I swear my brain is broken.

sweetpea#1 said...

Hey, that music is STILL awesome! LOL. I am proud to have passed it on... :p

Adi said...

I love that he sneezed out his binki LOL!

April said...

OH he is the cutest little guy. SO glad everything is going well.

quilting queen said...

Patrick is doing sooo well. I love seeing pics of Erin and Patrick together.