Friday, March 6, 2009

I guess I make yellow babies

So, I took Patrick in for his 10 day appointment today, and the doctor thought that he looked really great...except for the jaundice. He's up to 7lbs12oz. Since he's breastfed, it's great that he's already surpassed his birthweight. Nursed babies tend to lose a bit of weight at first.

So, then, she and I decided that it would be prudent of us to get his bili levels drawn so that we can have an actual measurement to judge his progress against.

It's 17.2 Ugh. But the doctor says that it's not bad enough for lights, especially since he's SO active and responsive and everything. I was worried for a bit until I realized that they took Erin off the lights when she got down to 17. Anyway, tomorrow and Sunday I'm supposed to keep him in the sun as much as possible and a couple other things and we'll get his levels redrawn on Monday to make sure they're dropping.

So, I guess I just make jaundiced babies...

And to top it all off, I've had a headache since Tuesday. Ugh.

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HRHSpence said...

Awww! poor yellow Patrick! he should be green! Happy Paddy's day, Patrick! Get well.