Sunday, March 8, 2009

I was given an award!

So, the evening of the day we found out Cora no longer had a heartbeat, our bishop and home teacher came over to give me (and Matt too) a blessing. In that blessing I was told I was being given experience to be able to help others through their trials.

I guess that's why I spend a lot of my online time on a pregnancy loss support message board, and following the blogs of other Angel Moms. I feel driven to reach out when I can. (one benefit is that when I need support myself, I get a LOT of it) Yesterday, one of those Angel Moms (her name is Courtney) nominated me for the Sisterhood Award.I didn't expect it, and it was really sweet. I have to say I'm touched an honored.

The rules for accepting the award are as follows:
Put the logo on your blog or post. Nominate at least 10 blogs with great attitude and/or gratitude. Be sure to link to your nominees in your post. Let your nominees know they have received the award by leaving them a comment on their blog. Be sure to link this post to the person who nominated you for the award.

So here I go:

1. LaNae She and I go way back. We were roommates during my freshman year at BYU, and she was then very much like she is now. She helped me through my depression/emotional instability then, even though she was dealing with a lot herself. And now even though she's still got a lot on her plate she's got so much faith that the Lord will take care of her and her children.

2. Aubri She's such a dear friend of mine and can always make me laugh no matter what. She's got such a great outlook on life, and no matter how uptight/worried I get, she makes me feel better and I love her for it.

3. Astrid She was the one of the hosts of the pregnancy loss forum I mentioned before when I joined, so hearbroken. She was a rock for me, and had retained that positivity all through the trials she had getting her triplets here, and then recent health issues. She's such a wonderful lady!

4. Angie I will be so completely surprised if Angie hasn't been nominated for this yet. She is so AMAZING. She has shared her story of Audrey with the world as it happened, and now is doing so many amazing thing (including battling her fear of airplanes to fly to Calcutta to do charity work with children there!).

5. Bonnie She recently joined the stillbirth support forum I'm on. Her Roald's due date was the same as Patrick's and that has made me feel close to her.

6. Jared Is it weird that I nominated my brother for the Sisterhood award? Probably, but I really look up to him. He's always thinking about other people, and I find that so amazing. I mean, really, he jumped into a frozen Utah Lake for charity.

7. Can I cheat and renominate Courtney? She nominated everyone else I would

And for the next few, I'm going to cheat and nominate some who don't actually have blogs

8. Christy was the nurse at my old OB clinic that was in the room when we confirmed Cora didn't have a heartbeat. She took me aside and told me about her own loss (late 2nd trimester) and gave me a huge hug. She was SO excited when I walked in to confirm I was pregnant with Erin, and was there for practically every appointment with her. When I confirmed my pregnancy with Patrick, she walked by and nearly shrieked with excitement (which was good for me because I was still rather overwhelmed by the pregnancy and wasn't really that happy.

9. Sister T. is the wife of my former bishop. I'm fairly certain that she was the reason I needed to be in that ward. She is SO loving to everyone, but she helped me so much with gaining real faith in the fact that I will get my Cora back one day, that she really is still mine, and that as much as it's okay, because the pain isn't permanent.

10. My mom. I have learned so much about love and charity from her. She never thinks about herself, always putting the needs of her family and everyone first. I'm so grateful for everything she did and does, and so grateful that she's my mom!


Courtney and Jason said...

Nothing wrong with nominating your bro or people who don't have blog, I think that was super sweet of you!


sweetpea#1 said...

Much love! Thank you and I will get my people posted soon...

Dragonfly Girl said...

I'm glad you have such a great support system Britt! I love you!