Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day

Yes, October seems to be "awareness" month, and there's even one for me. For the stillbirth and pregnancy loss support forums I am a member of, I made a video of all our angels. Since most of you don't know any of the babies on their but our family (and I did put other babies on there from our family), I'll post the individual slides I made for them. And the video at the end, in case anybody wants to spend 8 minutes watching it.


Anonymous said...

You made me cry...

Not everyone understands the loss that the whole family feels... I still miss my little sister, Sarah Jean. She was stillborn too... and it's so hard.

The biggest comfort I have is knowing that I'll get to see her when I leave this "frail existence" as the hymn puts it.

Thank you for your touching tribute.

Janice said...

Brittanie, don't forget Josh and Kelly and their twin that died Sept 1st. That is a pretty cool memorial by the way.