Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy October!!

So, as traumatizing as it is to me that yet another year is coming to a close (I just recently came to grips that 2007 is actually over. In January I was still reeling that 2006 was over), I'm excited for the next couple of months. I guess I'm just happy when I have something to celebrate, and Oct-Dec gives me a bunch!

Isn't my background cute? I find myself staring at my blog because that pumpkin is just so adorable.

So, in celebration of October today, I decided to take some pictures of autumn in Rexburg. Not as spectacular as, say, Maine, but still pretty!

And one more exciting bit. Matt bought me the digitally remastered DVD version of The Nightmare Before Christmas at the beginning of September when we got our financial aid money, but said I couldn't open it until October. Well, it's October!!! So guess what we're watching this evening?? Yay!

I have to edit and add, I just discovered that Erin's 4th tooth has broken through! Yay! So it's the two bottom front ones, and the top left front, and the one to the left of that. So she's lopsided. LOL I can't wait until they get bigger so you can actually see them!


sweetpea#1 said...

You know, I actually recognize those areas from my very short time there lol. I kind of miss cold weather because the closest to cold we have reached is staying in the 90's instead of the 100's. Today was I believe 96 and in the summer it is about 108. So, enjoy all the pretty colors and not broiling temp! I am jealous for now lol.

adrienne said...

I haven't read ur blog in forever... I had to read like 7 posts, lol. It's really getting autumny down there! How exciting! I love the panda puppy picture too. adn Erin's hair is so long! You'll be able to do piggies soon!!!!! :D