Wednesday, October 29, 2008

All things Erin

I love my little girl. She's been a little sick lately, but we've still been having some fun.

We've been working on counting to 3. I have to admit, it started when my friend Aubrey told me that Myla has started counting to 3 (Oooo-uh, dooo, weeee!) because they watch Sesame Street every morning. So, I decided I wanted to teach Erin to. She's been grouping similar things together, and she's got 3 bathtub frogs, and 3 bathtub duckies. She's got 2 figured out! I'll pick one up and say "One," and she'll put the second up and say "dooo!" It was so cute.

She also can now specify between a regular bear and a panda bear. In her book, when I ask her where the panda bear is, she'll point to the right picture. She'll also say it: "pa-bayoh"

She's become an artist. She found a crayon and decided to add a few fish to our aquarium.

She's never actually scribbled with a crayon before, she just pounds them down on the paper. But she spent an hour in nursery on Sunday, and they drew on paper, and she learned to scribble. lol. I will eventually clean it off, but I just haven't gotten around to it yet. lol

And last, but not least, tooth #5 came in a couple days ago. Yay! She's now got both her top front teeth.

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quilting queen said...

Erin is growing up sooo fast. I'm really sad that I can't be closer so I can be around when she does all those cute things