Monday, October 20, 2008


So, as I had previously posted, Matt had an interview in Denver with a company there on Oct. 17th. It was a great trip.

I'll answer a couple of questions before I get to pictures.

~The manager Matt would be working directly under had to take a last-minute trip to Turkey to fix something (apparently trips to exotic places happen a lot in this industry), so Matt wasn't actually able to interview with him. They can't make a final decision, until Matt has interviewed with him in person, so they will be flying him out again. No we don't know when (I hope soon). So we don't have job offer at this point, but it seems promising (he was told he should probably look at housing prices in the area...but not to think he definitely had the job yet.)

~No, I probably won't be going out there with him again next time.

~Yes, I love Denver.

Okay, pictures!

Erin didn't like the plane ride out. We were on the second-to-last row and we hit turbulence coming over the rockies on our way in. It was very bad for all three of us. This picture, though, was taken before we took off. She wasn't very happy from the start.

This was our room. It was definitely the nicest hotel we've ever stayed at. They provided the crib for Erin, and as you can tell, she wasn't very happy at the prospect of going to bed (that whole rest of the day was off because we were recovering from the plane ride)

Downtown Denver, from our window

And the water that they had in our room "for our convenience" Yes, you're reading it right. It says $4.50
We spent Friday and Saturday nights with some friends instead of at the hotel. On Saturday we went with them to the Denver Museum of Natural History. It was really fun. They had several exhibits, but one of them was dinosaurs, and we had a fun at that one. They had a "dig up the dinosaurs" part for the kids, and they loved it.

The hard part was to keep them from eating

They had a fun part called the Children's Discovery Room. They had so much fun stuff in there. The parents had just as much fun as the kids! They had this big next of stuffed animal puppets that Erin loved (she's holding a large cat that she pulled off my hand)

And some weird animal puppets too, like the hermit crab Danica (our friend) is holding. They also had a mosquito...that just creeped me out big time.

They also had a "dance" area with a basket full of maracas for kids to play with. Erin actually really had tons of fun with them. We're contemplating getting her some of her own.

As we were leaving, we found a sale model of the Mars rovers Spirit and Odyssey. It was much bigger than I was expecting it to be actually. (Matt had me stand next to it for scale. lol)

Outside they had some sculptures of a pack of wolves that the kids had tons of fun climbing on. If it's any clue to the type of museum it is, not only did they not care that the kids were all climbing on them, they had signs posted to be careful because the metal might be hot.

The flight home was much better than the one out. We were much further up on the plane, and it was smoother going over the mountains. Erin slept the whole time. And we could see the Tetons as we entered Idaho.

It's amazing how beautiful they are from any perspective.


HRHSpence said...

Sounds like you had a fun trip! I hope and pray you get this job.

sweetpea#1 said...

It sounds like such a great trip. I hope it ends with a great job for your hubby!

Angie said...

I hope it works out for your family and that it will be a great job! I love Colorado, and miss living there so much sometimes! We hit similar turbulence going over the Rockies when we flew to Montana, and I can just imagine how awful it must have been for you! That museum looks great and it's so cool that they have so much for the kids to do!

Sabe and Adi said...

How freaking cute is that video "is it a doggy or a kitty?" "Doggy!" She amazes me! Marcus still doesn't talk.... oh well :)

The digging part in the dino museum here is alot bigger than that... when you guys come for thanksgiving we should go again.

Kari said...

Your trip sounds like it was fun. Denver looks like a cool place.

The water price reminds of when Kevin and I stayed at a hotel in Reno for our anniversary a couple of years ago. The water was in a sleek glass bottle and said it was from Iceland or somewhere like that and cost $14.00. Needless to say, we didn't drink it. Ridiculous, huh?

Anonymous said...

She's so tall!! And she said Doggie! Awwww... I miss you all.

Dragonfly Girl said...

sounds like you guys had a ton of fun I am keeping you in my prayers and thoughts....are you going to be in Utah for Thanksgiving?