Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Frankenberry cereal

One of the things I look forward most to in October is the return of Frankenberry cereal. Don't get me wrong, I like Count Chocula (which I like mixing with Frankenberry) and Booberry too, but Frank's my fav. I really never have understood why they don't offer it year round. *sigh* Probably to make you more excited for it around Halloween.

And yes, I am eating a bowl right now. lol

Anyway, Jared, I was going to get a video of me trying to get Erin to say "Uncle Jared" for your friend went into labor and that meant that I had not only my 16-month-old but also her 15-month-old all day. Which is exhausting needless to say. So after I dropped Myla back off with her parents, and visited baby Savannah, I was going to go home and do the video. I was fairly excited about it.

But I left my camera at the hospital.

SO, when I get my camera back I'll try it. She'll probably just look at me crosseyed or laugh, but it'll be fun anyway.

I hope you had a happy birthday.


Jared Hill said...

Yes I did, thank you.

I think you're right, Frank is the best.

Remember the phrase I want to hear is "uncle Jared is da bomb". Maybe she would say it if you lived closer, and she could see for herself.

Amber Hill said...

Just so you know our other niece Paisley said "Come and get me Jaywed" this week, which I think would be an acceptable phrase for Erin to learn and many of the nephews and nieces call him Jay. Much easier to say.

PS my sister Stacie has a stash of the Franken, Boo and Count cereals in her pantry right now! and I know my sister Brandi has all of them open, empty, and still in the pantry in her house too. Where's ours? Happy Halloween!