Thursday, January 7, 2010

Yeah, it's 1:30 and they're still in

So we've had an arctic front come in and it's COLD again.  And our fireplace and sliding door make the front room rather chilly.  Instead of turning up the heat, I bundled myself up and left them in their warm jammies, since they're warmer than tshirts and pants.

And they were having fun chasing each other around my glider.


quilting queen said...

That is so darned cute. So what if they're still in their jammies. That's too bad your front room is cold.

Amber D. said...

hmmm....Isaac just went to bed in the same jammies as last night, maybe I will change him tomorrow. I hate the cold weather, he has so many cute outfits I could be changing him all the time but I don't because the cold air makes him mad and I don't blame him, he is my child after all.

P.S. I love the glider pics, too cute!

Kari said...

Kids still in pajamas? Sounds like my day most of the time. I don't know what happened, but sometime during my pregnancy I got lazy and never quite snapped out of it. Probably because it's too cold to make the kids play outside so why do they need to get dressed?

Your kids are so cute!