Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sometimes I accidentally take a really great picture.

I'm not really a great photographer, I admit it.  Sometimes it really bothers me.  Other times I figure it's better to have mediocre pictures than no pictures at all.

Sometimes though, I manage to get a really great shot.  Usually, like today, it's when I stop TRYING to take a good picture.  I'm really proud of these two

Erin was playing on the slide with her bunny, wiping the gravel off, and then putting Bunny on the slide and helping him slide down.  And then she tried to climb up

And Patrick wanted to play too (he was throwing gravel on the slide)

More of Patrick


Adi said...

that second one is a really good pic! I like the one of p-man from behind too

Nyssa said...

your first one looks pro! http://s10.photobucket.com/albums/a101/pandaflyz/?action=view&current=erinbeauty.png

I edited it to make it softer :)

hrhspence said...

very nice!

Kari said...

Those are good pictures!