Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The drama of the $10k mouth

Okay, so my teeth are terrible, right?  3 close, very sick pregnancies have left my teeth riddled with holes and decaying.  Last summer the doctor's estimate added up to about $10,000.  (that was not including the 2 actual root canal procedures since he referred me out for them, not including the insurance discount either). 

So with the 2 root canals and crowns, it added up altogether to about $4,000, only half of which was paid for by my insurance.  And now we get to go for round two.

I had a checkup/cleaning on Monday.  In addition to the other two crowns, I have a cavity that is getting close to needing an root canal, so it needs to be filled ASAP.  They were supposed to call me this afternoon to set up and appointment for the filling and crown on that same side, but it's now after 5pm and no call. grrr.

Oh, and to add to all that....a piece of that tooth that they were supposed to be scheduling a crown for today fell off.



Kari said...

Wow! Quite a drama! My teeth are pretty bad, too. WHy does pregnancy suck the life out of teeth? So not fair! Good luck with everything!

Amanda said...

Just wanted to give HUGS. My teeth are pretty bad also... it has taken a lot of money that as a family we do not have, but we have made it. Small steps.

Our Family said...

Yuck. I dislike the dentist. Even the nice ones. My teeth are terrible. I was born without enamel and then add the pregnancies AHHHHH. I have at least 5 cavities per baby plus all the rest. So very sorry.

Janice said...

I know what you mean Britt. My teeth are the same. It's too bad that you have to go through all that. I'm really sorry