Saturday, January 9, 2010

Our new fishy friend.

I've been wanting to add a new fish to my aquarium for a while now.  Ever since the Jack Dempsys took out the last of my tetras so they could have the tank to themselves.  But we weren't sure if we'd be moving or not (we're not) and then we went out of town. 

Well, today was the day.  I had to clean out the aquarium first, though, before I'd let myself.  Since I belong to the school of benevolent neglect when it comes to fish, it'd been a while since I'd cleaned it.

Here's before

here's after

Here's my big Jack Dempsy, I LOVE his coloring

and this is my new guy, a silvini cichlid.  In the aquarium at the store he had these pretty blue and red hues.  But it doesn't show much right now because of the stress of being bagged and such.  I know he looks very similar to the dempsys, but when his color shows he's very pretty.

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quilting queen said...

That fish looks nice. Hopefully he'll live a long time