Thursday, January 14, 2010

Some pictures I thought I'd lost

So, I'm going through the last year of pictures, picking out pictures to put in Patrick's birthday video (can't believe it's already time for a video!!), and I came across a couple pictures I thought I'd lost.  You see...they were on the camera's memory for quite a while (which is why I didn't put them on the blog right away).  Then Matt finally transferred them to the memory card so I could put them on the computer.  In the process of transferring them to the computer, I accidentally deleted them.

Apparently we put them on the computer at some point though, because here they are:


quilting queen said...

So sweet. Especially the one where Erin is looking at you. It looks like she's saying. "are you awake Mommy?"

TanyaM said...

Look at how small Patrick is there! Can you believe it?! :)