Wednesday, January 27, 2010

When two turns into four...

...massacred teeth that is.

I went in to the dentist this morning expecting to have a filling done and a crown put on, with another crown to be scheduled in the near future, since it was on the other side of my mouth and they don't generally like to numb your entire mouth in one visit.

When I got there, they informed me that the tooth adjacent to the first crown also needed a crown.  It was just a filling last summer on our initial consult, but since then the tooth had lost enough integrity that a filling was no longer a viable option.  Oh...and it was getting close to root pulp too.  So, after talking it through and talking about insurance benefits, we decided that we would do the filling and 2 crowns today (the original 2 teeth that needed them, because the second crown was decayed enough he didn't want to wait really at all), and on the 3rd tooth (the "surprise" crown) he just drilled it out and built it up and put a temporary crown on it.  I went in expecting 2 teeth to be massacred, and came out with four of them having been.  In reality, I have 3 temporary crowns at the moment, since they have to send the molds out to have a 3rd party make the porcelain permanents.  But they're only making 2.  I go in in 2 weeks to get those put on, and we'll try to schedule a time then for the 3rd permanent crown and to fill the remaining cavities in that quadrant of the mouth.

I think we'll also be able to do the fillings on yet another quadrant sometime this year.  Man my mouth is a piece of work.  I'm betting I'm one of my dentist's favorite patients.


Janice said...

That is really too bad Britt. I am so sorry your teeth are so bad. Pregnancy sucks in more ways than one.

Amanda said...

I seem to have a lot of the same problems with my teeth... Hang in there! The gratification of having them fixed is a wonderful feeling... a very poor, broke, not financially-fruitful feeling... but wonderful, nonetheless. :)