Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wii Fit

Okay, so this past weekend, I decided that I need to seize control of my weight. I gained 25lbs nursing Erin, and so far I've gained another 6lbs nursing Patrick (I walked out of the hospital after delivering him at my prepregnancy weight). A couple months ago, before Patrick was born (or just after?) we got the Wii Fit with the intention of working out with it. Well, I couldn't find the time. The only time I had was during Erin's nap, and during that time I wanted to take a nap! Well, now that Patrick is only waking up once a night, I feel like I can get up in the morning before Erin wakes up. I have worked out every morning this week (except Monday, when Erin woke up at 6:30).

I really like working out on the Wii Fit. Why? Well, because they give you so much positive reinforcement. For instance, when you're "jogging" they have you going down a path with someone pacing you, and they have all your other Miis along the pathway cheering you on. So this morning, who was right at the gate as I started out? Jesus. Yes, we have a Jesus Mii, and I never thought it would affect me the way it did. He was also working out next to mii when I was doing aerobics. Is it weird that I felt like He was really right there, supporting me?

So anyway, I guess what's different this time is my determination. I actually feel like I can change things.

I've also been tracking my calories. I'm frustrated at myself for already wanting to lie about what I eat when I've eaten something I feel like I "shouldn't." I've done mostly well, however. I decided that I would eat a snack between every meal, and one in the evening (8amish breakfast, 10am snack, 12noon lunch, 2:30ish snack, 5ish dinner, 8pmish snack if I need it) because I'm hungry ALL THE TIME. Looking at my caloric intake is crazy (thus the weight gain). But I don't want to feel like I'm starving... It's really helped me stick to serving sizes and stuff, and be aware of what I'm eating. So I'll pull out 15 crackers (which happens to be 3 servings) and 2 slices of cheese, instead of bringing both packages out and just eating subconsciously.

I'm feeling really positive about it! And more energetic already too.

Anyway, I'll leave you with some pictures...Yesterday we went and colored on the sidewalk and then took a walk


Kari said...

That's awesome that you're doing doing so good with excercising and calorie counting. I always gain lots of weight when I'm pregnant (42 lbs. with Braden and somewhere around 50 with Noah) and it looks like I'm going to be gaining a ton this time. I keep saying that I need to start keeping track of my calories, but I haven't done anything yet. It's hard when you're (meaning people in general) pregnant or nursing because you're always so hungry! So Way to go!!

So lucky to leave the hospital at your prepregnancy weight!

And one more thing. (Like my novel?) Your kids are adorable!

Anonymous said...

Okay, the fact that you have a Mii for Jesus just makes me smile...

In completely (random) unrelated news, I have a song on my iPod that reminds me of Jacob from Twilight, and that in turn reminded me of you.