Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Projects for Erin

So, lately my creative bent has turned into making things to play with Erin with. It all started one night while I was scrapbooking. I was looking at my Cricut cartridges. I realized that I had bought the Paper Dolls cartridge, but I really hadn't used it since then. (I'd cut a bunch of stuff when I rented it and got all excited so I bought it, but then didn't really use it after)

I decided that I should make some paper dolls for Erin. There are more outfits I'd like to make, but got bored after a bit =├×

So then, again looking at my cartridges, I realized that since I had a font that had as part of it an animal to go with each letter, I should make her some flashcards. She loves them. (Hey Adrienne, you want a set?)

And from there I was trying to decide how to do numbers. I think numbers are a harder concept to illustrate. Matt suggested making some "counting" blocks. So that's my current project. I got a crate for the blocks, and we'll be doing 1 black, 2 brown, 3 pink, etc up to 10. I'll need 55 blocks, but they only had 24, so this will be an ongoing project. Erin's already pretty interested, and I'm really excited. I'm having so much fun making things to help teach her. (and these blocks will be great for simple arithmetic too)


Adi said...

I'll have to check out our stores here and see if they have blocks and copy you. And heck yes I want some flash cards! Hopefully Marcus doesn't tear them apart

quilting queen said...

that looks fun. Erin looks like she would like to paint too.