Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day and Petsmart

So, yesterday morning we had a ward Memorial Day breakfast at the park, and Erin had a lot of fun.Patrick passed out. I didn't even realize he was asleep until someone pointed it out.
On the way home we saw a fox! In the middle of the city! I hope that he gets back to his home in some park or something safely.

So then this morning it was wet and gross because it rained last night, but Erin kept asking to go outside. So we went to Petsmart to look at the animals. On the way there, Erin and Patrick were making each other laugh. It was SO cute!

Happy boy!FishBirdsErin running over to see the dogs.The dogs at the Pets Hotel having playtime

he kitties for adoptionThis one broke my heart. He wanted to be petted SO bad. He's a polydactyl (has extra toes). So sweet.


HRHSpence said...

If you really want a pet that bad, we could bring a certain black and white cat to Denver with us when we come.

Aubri said...

Petshotel video? Made my day. And, yes... I know if Yellowstone went, I'd die. BUT! If they were paying attention to the little (what is it, foreshock?) earthquakes before hand, we'd know when to evacuate.


Adi said...

Awww that vid of erin and pman laughing is so cute. And that breaks me heart when kitties want to be pet too! Doesn't mean I want more kitties, but it breaks my heart. Just like hearing the little orange kitty downstairs meowing it's heart out. that breaks my heart too.