Monday, May 18, 2009

Update and random pictures

So Erin's rash is better this morning. It gets worse with heat, so she's in a skirt to keep the skin cool. But it was much better this morning than it was when she went to bed last night. So I didn't call her doctor, since it seems to be under control. Still no clue as to the cause.


The babies watching a movie while I made lunchErin putting her toys into her little backpack her percussion noisemakers came inWhat the babies are doing right now.


sweetpea#1 said...

Don't you LOVE nap time!? It is the happiest time of the day but the funny part is that Darryl is one of the napping kids LOL.

Rylie said...

Glad the rash isn't as bad today. Rashes are the worst! I had a rash like that one time when I was younger and found out I was allergic to grass. You little kids are so dang cute!

Adi said...

That last picture is so dang cute!!

quilting queen said...

That is so cute... Patrick watching a movie. LOL. I can't wait to see them