Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Diets, swings, and dancing

So, a little while ago I realized that instead of buying M&Ms and stuff for snacks, I should buy fruits and vegetables, considering that the Farmer's Market is just down the street and produce is so cheap there. So I went today and bought some bananas, apples, and grapes. Erin loves eating bananas right out of the peel like grown up people. lol. After taking a bite of Erin's banana, I proved a theory.

I'm allergic to bananas.

It's connected to the latex sensitivity I have. When I took Patrick in for his blood draws for jaundice, they had a list of symptoms latex sensitivity (which I already knew I had). One of them was that your tongue would go numb/tingly after eating bananas. Part of the reason I don't really like bananas is because it left a "film" in my mouth. That "film" would actually be numbness.

ANYWAY, so I'm going on a fruit-instead-of-candy diet, and we'll see how it works.

Today I got Patrick a swing, which he loves. He's been a little fussy lately, but right now is FAST asleep as it's swinging away.

Erin loves being a mommy about it, too.

I think I might need to put duct tape over the controls so she won't keep turning it off and on. lol.

And Erin loves to dance. Just had to share. lol She was dancing with my baby giraffe to "Move it move it" on Madagascar.


sweetpea#1 said...

Your son is BEAUTIFUL! I love it when my girls dance too, it is so funny.

HRHSpence said...

Patrick looks so much healthier! I am glad to see the jaundice go away. And Erin is so sweet.

Kari said...

I've decided that I WILL have a swing for this baby, since it seems like every baby in the world loves them! So cute that Erin is a little mommy.

Funny, I have a sensitivity to bananas, but it only bothers me whn they start getting over ripe. I think it has something to do with ethaline or whatever it is that makes bananas ripen. Strange coincidence, huh?

jenny said...

What a little cutie Erin is! I love her smile! :) Just a little mommy-to-mommy fyi on swings: Emma loved her swing so much that we are thinking that it contributed to her head getting flatter. Not that swings are bad, and are especially helpful for mommy and daddy to get a little rest for a moment, but just a realization that moderation in all things even applies to swings! lol

Adi said...

It won't let me see the video... and those pics of her tucking P-man in are SOOO cute!!

I'm going to buy Jamie a swing too :) of course, after we move and all

Anonymous said...

Gosh Brit! Your kids have gotten so big! They are beautiful!!