Tuesday, April 21, 2009

So glad I listened...

So, Matt's key is the expensive one. It's the key that has the remote lock/unlock attached to it. We've looked into it, an replacing it would be somewhere around $300. I use this key when I'm out running around during the day because a) Matt leaves it home during the day because he doesn't use the car, and b) because there's no keyhole in the passenger side door, and it's too much of a hassle to go to the driver's side, unlock the door, and then go around to the back passenger side to put Patrick in.

Well, today, I was out running around. Michael's is having a sale, and they have their Cricut cartridges (reg. $89.99) on sale for $39.99. Well, there's one that I REALLY want. It's called Lyrical Letters and it has six fonts on it. So, of course, I asked Matt if I could buy it. He said yes, and I got all excited, and I got there and they're GONE. None of the Michael's stores in the metro area have them in. *sigh* Well, at this point it was 12:20, lunch time, and I had a Visiting Teaching appointment at 1. So I went through the Burger King drivethrough, and Erin and I ate it on the way to Angie's house. We had a good visit.

So then, when I left, I unlocked the door, and tossed the keys on the passenger seat before I put Patrick in. So when I went to grab the keys after I got Erin and myself situated, they WEREN'T THERE! I looked on the floor and things, and I couldn't find them. So I got out, I looked under the car, on the sidewalk, in the bushes. I concluded that they definitely WEREN'T outside the car, so I would just use my own keys to drive home and then look through the car then.

On the way in, I stopped at the mail boxes, got the mail, and threw away the Burger King bag, and the cup and myriad water bottles that we'd collected. As I was driving back to the back of the complex, I said a little prayer that I would be able to find the keys, because they would be expensive to replace.

And then I had the thought that I should go back to the mailbox garbage can, pull out the Burger King bag, and check inside it to see if they had fallen in there when I tossed them. So I did. I went back to the mailbox and pulled the bag out of the garbage can.

Inside, amid the wrappers of my meal, were Matt's keys.

I nearly cried with relief.

So yeah, I'm so glad I listened. And I'm so glad that Heavenly Father took the time to answer my little prayer over something that maybe didn't affect my salvation, but made my day a whole lot better.


HRHSpence said...

He does answer prayers as simple as that. I know. I have had this same conversation with him many, many times. He then added a closing comment once: You know, if you put them in the same place every time, you won't be so stressed out because you'll find them.

And let me tell you, that one answer solved so many hassles of mine since then. So, listen to what he's saying. It helps.

Jacalyn said...

Maybe you could talk Him into helping me out like that. I could sure use a few of the little ones answered. :)