Friday, April 17, 2009

So maternal

Erin never ceases to amaze me. Maybe it's because I was raised by a linguist, but I have been fascinated by her growing vocabulary. She is now adding n's and f's to the ends of her words. And the n is very enunciated (dowNUH). It's really cute, actually. She really likes taking "bafs". She'll walk up to me at bathtime and ask "da baf?" And she's picking up new words like crazy. It's really fun to watch the learning process happen.


sweetpea#1 said...

I love the process of learning how they each talk. Grace is just flourishing with her speech. Eli, on the other hand, will begin speech therapy in a week. I am doing research on baby signing so that she can start communicating while we get her help with verbal. In fact, I am really excited to give her a way to tell me what she needs!

Mrs. Dexter said...

I absolutely LOVE Erin's hair in the videos! Too cute. Girl, you are so brave! Two little ones... Miss you!