Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ward party and day 2

Day 02- The meaning behind your blog name

My previous blog was "Erin's Life."  Once I conceived Patrick it wasn't just about Erin anymore, so I created this one. The url is actually "mbcannadykids," and the mb stands for Matt & Brittanie.  So not only are they our kids, but they are currently the only kids of their generation that carry the Cannady name, so they're also the only Cannady kids in the family.

On to the fun part!  It was our ward chili cookoff, costume party and trunk or treat.  Apparently there wasn't a costume contest this year, which made me sad.  But everyone said that if there had been we would have one so I guess that makes us the winners of the unoffical costume contest?  lol
Erin loved trick-or-treating.  She was so excited.  Patrick stayed with me and "helped" me pass out candy (which actually meant he stole the car decorations and made me feed him candy between trick-or-treaters.)

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