Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Feeling better...and worse.

Sunday afternoon after church instead of putting her back in panties when we got home (since she's not reliably going in the potty I didn't want to have her in panties at church), I just left her in diapers for the rest of the evening.  And Monday morning until after lunch I did the same thing.  It was really good for me, a nice break.  So then we put panties on her and she went pee in the potty!!!!  YAY!

But I think we both caught an intestinal bug.  After 2 very messy accidents her part, and a couple rushed trips to the bathroom myself, I decided it would be best for the both of us if she wore diapers.  I was right...Ugh.  ((Patrick peed in the potty too! lol, but is having the same issues))

She seems to be feeling better this morning and is in panties again.  I'm feeling worse though.  My stomach is really upset, and I'm freezing/shivering convulsively.  I don't actually have a fever though, according to the thermometer, so I don't know what's going on.  Looks like today is a pjs and Disney day.

Anyway, yesterday evening Patrick and Erin found the diaper boxes I've saved (we're going to be moving *somewhere* [here in town] sometime after the new year, and diapers are a good way to get boxes), and we all know that boxes make the best toys, right?

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Michelle said...

So sorry you didn't feel well. That is not fun especially when you are trying to take care of a little one who is sick. I hope you both are feeling better today!