Monday, February 23, 2009

Words Erin has learned because of Madagascar

So, as I've posted before, Erin's favorite movie is Madagascar (she loves Madagascar 2 as well, I think to her they're the same thing).

Anyway here are some things she's started saying because of this movies

Gagar (her word for Madagascar. She'll walk up to me, point to the dvds and ask "Gagar?")
moomie (movie)
Lai-uh (lion)
hibbo (hippo)
Meh-muh (Melman, the giraffe. She can't say giraffe yet)
boe (boat without the t on the end)
phire (it's fire, but she can't say the f quite right, but it's not really a p either)
pehwin (penguin)

From Madagascar 2:

Lakay (Alakay is Alex's African name)
"here kitty kitty" (it's a line from the movie that she repeats!)
Momo (the male hippo, MotoMoto)

She also likes pointing out the water and trees and moon, but she knew those words before. We're having so much fun with new words!

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quilting queen said...

that's so fun that she's saying so many words. It's so cute to hear little kids talk.