Thursday, February 12, 2009

Playing in the "hnow"

So, Monday night it snowed, and yesterday I let Erin out to play in it. She LOVES snow, but she can't say "s" so it comes out "hnow."

And Erin is such a helper. She loves to do whatever I'm doing. I've gotten pretty good at finding ways to let her help with laundry and dishes, but today I discovered that there is no real way she can help when I'm mopping the floor. This made her very angry, and me very frustrated. Of course, I was already fairly frustrated by the discovery that there's a hole in my mop bucket. I bought it when we moved out of our other apartment to mop all the wood floors, so it must have gotten a hole in the move somehow. So now I have to buy another one. Argh.

Am I nesting? Does it count if you have just decided that you need to get your apartment cleaned before the baby arrives so you don't have to do it AFTER the baby arrives? (and you've been feeling crappy so you've been putting it off?)


HRHSpence said...

isn't that part of the nesting instinct? Getting the place clean for the baby?

Anonymous said...

Awww she's getting so tall, and kid-like! I can't believe how big she is...

Yes. You're nesting... but not like a madwoman... I had one friend of a friend who was nesting so bad she was in tears. She was going nuts. She'd pulled down drapes, tried to rearrange furniture, was scrubbing her floors so hard her hands were raw... she became overwhelmed and had to call in reinforcements because she just couldn't sleep til it was all clean and perfect. It was kinda cute, but I felt bad for her! She was so stressed! And a single pregnant mom-to-be to boot... I can't imagine going it alone like that.