Saturday, February 14, 2009

Erin's V'day adventure

Started at 2am, when she woke up positively screaming. After several minutes I realized it wasn't just a nightmare or something, it was serious. She was pulling at her ear and such, so I decided to give her some sudafed and ibuprofin to see if that would help. If not...we were heading to quick care.

An hour later, she was asleep. *sigh*

BUT this morning it's really hurting her again, so we're headed to quick care to get it checked. My poor baby girl. I'm pretty convinced she has an ear infection.


sweetpea#1 said...

how sad! I hope she feels much better because ear infections are awfulness. Happy Vantine's Day all the same!

Aubri said...

Ooooo poor thing! Been there, done that... my whole friggin' childhood... but then I got PE tubes. Ahhh the bliss!

Feel better sweetie-pie! (Adding you to my prayers, right now...)

The Perry Family said...

Hope she starts feeling better! I hate ear infections they always show their ugly face at night!