Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mommy's little mommy

So, I finally got a baby bouncer and put it together. Erin loves it. In an effort to keep her from trying to sit in it herself, I keep telling her it's just for babies. So she put her baby in it.

And a little video. Every time we see a mirror I ask her "Is that you?" So now she points to her reflection in mirror and says "It's a you!"

And I have to admit, I'm really making an effort to enjoy my one-on-one time with Erin. I realized last week that I don't know how Patrick's arrival will affect that. When Erin wakes up in the morning, she comes into my room. She usually brings me all her teddy bears, and then climbs up into bed with me, and we cuddle for a while (as long as she will let me). I really love this. Hopefully we'll still be able to after Patrick gets here.

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Mrs. Dexter said...

Oh Erin. What a doll. I hope she stays this way her whole life! :)