Friday, December 5, 2008

Sick! and some other things

I think I've officially got the flu. It's always hard for me to tell when I'm pregnant...but...I'm throwing up a LOT, and it's not just that (I'll spare you the details). I've pretty much done nothing but lay on the couch all day so far. Matt and I were supposed to move around the furniture so that we can put up the tree...who knows if that's actually going to happen now.

As for his interview, he feels it went pretty well. But, they're going to be interviewing one more person on Dec. 15th or 16th (I can't remember what day he actually said), so we should find out around the 18th. Which is cutting it really close for finding an apartment either way. *sigh*

And if you try to call me in the next little while, don't be surprised if it goes straight to my voicemail. My phone is dead and the last time I saw my charger Erin was playing with it...

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