Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Here we go again

Matt has another interview tomorrow (Dec. 4th). If you can spare any prayers or positive thoughts, please send them our way! I don't think I need to go into how stressed I am.

Tomorrow's going to be a hectic day. Matt's flight leaves at 7:25am, which means we need to leave our apartment for Idaho Falls no later than 6am. Ugh. Then I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow for my glucose tolerance test at 2pm, which I have to recover enough from in time to pick Matt back up at 4:45pm.

So it's going to be quite a day tomorrow. But it will all be very worth it if Matt gets a job!


Amber D. said...

Good Luck! We will be praying for both of you! I hate that glucose test!

sweetpea#1 said...

I just took that test a week ago and I have a recommendation. EAT! I had to rush an hour and a half to get to my test and food didn't make it on my priority list. Well, about five minutes after I drank that yucky orange soda stuff, I was almost on the floor from a fainting spell. I was super special LOL. You will be in my prayers on Matt's interview!